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Conference and a School in Novosibirsk

International conference HSG-2013 on high-throughput sequencing has been held in Novosibirsk on July 21 through 25, 2013. Lab's members Alla Lapidus and Andrey Prjibelsky were invited speakers in the conference:

  • Alla Lapidus: «Genome assembly and finishing–why high quality references are needed»,
  • Andrey Prjibelsky: «Genome draft assembly algorithms: from the very beginning till present-day problems».

Right before the conference, a youth scientific and practical school on genomic sequencing and data analysis took place. Alla Lapidus had a lecture about practical apllicaion of new sequencing technologies; Andrey Prjibelsky explained an easy way to assemble a genome from NGS data in 30 minutes.