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Bringing Modern Science to Russian High Schools

Our lab is taking challenge to organize a series of lectures by the world's leading scientists (in all areas of science) for Russian high school students.

Since Soviet times, Russian high schools for gifted students have been outstanding educational organizations, where brightest kids have been achieving highest possible results in mathematics, physics, and other disciplines. Many modern Russian scientists are alumni of such schools (consider Fields medalists Grigory Perelman and Stanislav Smirnov). Think of Kolmogorov who was the founder and worked as a math teacher in the 18th boarding school in Moscow (now named after him).

We aim to bring together the educational talent of the distinguished scientists and the passion of the most talented high school students in Russia!

Our laboratory has now setup contacts with 4 top Russian schools for gifted children (two in Moscow and two in St. Petersburg), but there are places to further extend this list.

In St. Petersburg we're collaborating with:

In Moscow we're happy to work with:

To the scientists who are willing to give a high school lecture:

Our goal is to facilitate interactions between leading scientists and directors of elite Russian high schools with the goal to organize lectures for high school students.

We're inviting scientists in various areas of research to take part in this initiative. 

The topics of the lectures are not limited to mathematics and physics but also include biology, chemistry, engineering and many other disciplines.

Our goal is to bring the winners of Russian government  "megagrants" program to this project.

If you're in Moscow or St. Petersburg and you have a few spare hours, consider giving a lecture to top high school students. They will appreciate.

Write an e-mail to Mikhail Dvorkin at the Algorithmic Biology Lab ( and simply specify the time slots you are available: we will facilitate the scheduling and logistics issues for you.