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RECOMB 2013 is an international conference on research in computational biology, that has been held in Beijing, China, April 7-19, 2013.
At the conference, we have presented
a talk on genome assembly from highly chimeric reads:
  • Sergey Nurk, Anton Bankevich, Dmitry Antipov, Alexey Gurevich, Anton Korobeynikov, Alla Lapidus, Andrey Prjibelsky, Alexey Pyshkin, Alexander Sirotkin, Yakov Sirotkin, Ramunas Stepanauskas, Jeffrey McLean, Roger Lasken, Scott Clingenpeel, Tanja Woyke, Glenn Tesler, Max Alekseyev, and Pavel Pevzner. Assembling Genomes and Multigenomes from Highly Chimeric Reads. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7821, 2013.
posters on different topics: