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Journal Papers:

  • Alexey Gurevich, Vladislav Saveliev, Nikolay Vyahhi, and Glenn Tesler. QUAST: quality assessment tool for genome assemblies. Bioinformatics 29(8) (2013), pp. 1072-1075. doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btt086

  • Son K. Pham, Dmitry Antipov, Alexander Sirotkin, Glenn Tesler, Pavel A. Pevzner, and Max A. Alekseyev. Pathset Graphs: A Novel Approach for Comprehensive Utilization of Paired Reads in Genome Assembly. Journal of Computational Biology 20(4) (2013), 359-371. doi:10.1089/cmb.2012.0098

  • Anton Bankevich, Sergey Nurk, Dmitry Antipov, Alexey A. Gurevich, Mikhail Dvorkin, Alexander S. Kulikov, Valery M. Lesin, Sergey I. Nikolenko, Son Pham, Andrey D. Prjibelski, Alexey V. Pyshkin, Alexander V. Sirotkin, Nikolay Vyahhi, Glenn Tesler, Max A. Alekseyev, and Pavel A. Pevzner. SPAdes: A New Genome Assembly Algorithm and Its Applications to Single-Cell Sequencing. Journal of Computational Biology 19(5) (2012), 455-477. doi:10.1089/cmb.2012.0021



RECOMB 2014 (Pittsburgh, USA, April 2-5, 2014)

Yana SafonovaAnton Bankevich, and Pavel Pevzner. dipSPAdes: Assembler for Highly Polymorphic Diploid Genomes.  In Sharan, Roded (eds.) RECOMB 2014, LNCS (8394). pp. 265-279. Springer, Heidelberg (2014)


The Annual DOE JGI User Meeting (Walnut Creek, USA, March 18-20, 2014)

Alla Lapidus, Dmitry Antipov, Anton Bankevich, Alexey Gurevich, Anton Korobeynikov, Sergey Nurk, Andrey D. Prjibelski, Yana Safonova, Irina Vasilinetc, and Pavel Pevzner. New Frontiers of Genome Assembly with SPAdes 3.0. (poster)

RECOMB 2013  (Beijing, China, April 7-10, 2013)


APBC 2013 (Vancouver, Canada, January 21-23, 2013)


RECOMB-CG 2012 (Niterói, Brazil, October 17-19, 2012)


WABI 2012 (Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 10-12, 2012):

8th Joint Meeting of AFERP, ASP, GA, PSE and SIF (New York City, July 28 - August 1, 2012):

  • EA Monroe, H Choi, V Lesin, A Sirotkin, M Dvorkin, P Pevzner, WH Gerwick, L Gerwick. Genomic insights into secondary metabolism of the natural product-rich cyanobacterium Moorea bouillonii. Planta Med 78(11) (2012), pp. CL52. doi:10.1055/s-0032-1320287


CSR 2012 (Nizhni Novgorod, Russia, July 21-24, 2012)

  • Max A. Alekseyev. Challenges in Comparative Genomics: from Biological Problems to Combinatorial Algorithms (and back). (talk)


  • Yakov Sortkin, Xiaowen Liu, Maxim GladkikhPavel A. Pevzner and Kira Vyatkina. Peptide Sequence Tags for Top-Down Spectra. (poster, session TP25) 


RECOMB 2012 (Barcelona, Spain, April 21-24, 2012):

  • Son K. Pham, Dmitry Antipov, Alexander Sirotkin, Glenn Tesler, Pavel Pevzner, and Max A. Alekseyev. Pathset Graphs: A Novel Approach for Comprehensive Utilization of Mate-Pairs in Genome Assembly. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7262 (2012), pp. 200-212. doi:10.1007/978-3-642-29627-7_21


RECOMB CP 2012 (San Diego, CA, USA, April 6-8, 2012):

  • Yakov Sortkin, Xiaowen Liu, Maxim Gladkikh, Pavel A. Pevzner and Kira Vyatkina. Peptide Sequence Tags for Top-Down Spectra. (talk) 


POSTGENOME 2011 (Novosibirsk, Russia, November 14-17, 2011):

  • Max Alekseyev. SPAdes: новый ассемблер геномов с поддержкой одноклеточного секвенирования. (talk)


MCCMB 2011 (Moscow, Russia, July 21-24, 2011):


ISMB 2011 (Vienna, Austria, July 15-19, 2011):


RECOMB 2011 (Vancouver, Canada, March 28-31, 2011):

  • Hosein Mohimani, Wei Ting Liu, Yu Liang Yang, Susana Gaudencio, William Fenical, Pieter Dorrestein, and Pavel Pevzner. Multiplex De Novo Sequencing of Peptide Antibiotics. (paper, talk)

  • Julio Ng, Amihood Amir, and Pavel Pevzner. Blocked Pattern Matching Problem and its Applications in Proteomics. (paper, talk)

  • Paul Medvedev, Son Pham, Mark Chaisson, Glenn Tesler, and Pavel Pevzner. Paired de Bruijn graphs: a novel approach for incorporating mate pair information into genome assemblers. (paper, talk)

  • Shuai Jiang and Max Alekseyev. Weighted genomic distance can hardly impose a bound on the proportion of transpositions. (paper, talk)


G10K Genome Assembly Workshop 2011 (Santa Cruz, USA, March 14-16, 2011):

  • Pavel A. Pevzner. How Will the Human Genome Evolve in the Next Million Years? (talk)