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SPAdes 2.4 is released

Another version of SPAdes single-cell assembler has been just released. 

The main feature in this version is mismatch correction module, which allows to reduce mismatch and short indel rates in resulting contigs and scaffolds.
SPAdes 2.4 now also includes rectangle graph algorithm as an optional repeat resolution module (which can be used instead of the standard one). Rectangle graph algorithm was previously released separately from SPAdes, which made the tool harder to use. Now you can try it just by setting a single option in SPAdes.
Additionally, we decreased memory consumption in read error correction module, improved assembly quality of standard isolate data sets and fixed some small bugs, some of which were reported by our users. Thank you for your feedback!
And finally, some good news for Mac users — we now have SPAdes binaries for Mac OS.
You can download SPAdes 2.4 here.
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