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Icarus: visualizer for de novo assembly evaluation

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Icarus is a novel genome visualizer for accurate assessment and analysis of genomic draft assemblies, which is based on QUAST genome quality assessment tool. Icarus consists of two major contig viewers:
  • Contig alignment viewer – draws contigs according to their mapping to the reference genome, visualizes misassemblies and similarities between assemblies. The viewer can visualize genes, operons, and reads coverage distribution along the genome, if any of those were provided to QUAST.
  • Contig size viewer – draws contigs ordered from longest to shortest, highlights N50, N75 (NG50, NG75) and long contigs larger than a user-specified threshold.
You can try Icarus online at -- upload your assemblies, get regular QUAST report and press the Icarus: contig browser link.
Icarus is distributed as a command-line tool within QUAST package since version 4.0.


GitHub     Full manual (Icarus specific section: output description)



Alla Mikheenko, Gleb Valin, Andrey Prjibelski, Vladislav Saveliev, Alexey Gurevich,
Icarus: visualizer for de novo assembly evaluation,
Submitted (2016).


Examples of Icarus output on 3 datasets generated with QUAST v4.0

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